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Finding balance in our lives is vital for our well-being. Yoga 'Asanas' or postures help us to keep our joints lubricated and muscles toned. They help build strength and increase balance and flexibility. The 'Pranayama' or breathing practice helps to regulate breathing, thus reducing the stress and calming the nervous system. Relaxation helps us to let go and unwind. Meditation helps us to understand ourselves better.

Yoga is a process of transformation. Join a class and develop the stillness of body and mind, practising with a certified teacher who will guide you through your journey.

Saras Yoga offers yoga classes in Swindon suitable for all levels.The duration of the classes is 90 minutes. Every class starts with a warm up, followed by asana practice followed by breathing exercises and relaxation. Classes often include meditation. The classes are designed to meet the needs of the group. The teacher will help the students adapt the asanas or postures according to their needs.  

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